Bruce House end of Year Dinner

October 26, 2017 at 6:36 PM

Parents, it’s time to restock those pantries because we’re coming home!
Lisa Miyaura, Bruce House Head Girl

As the College year draws to a close, parents of the Year 13 boarding graduates, staff and Trust Board members joined the boarders at Bruce House last night to celebrate their achievements and give thanks to those who care for them – their surrogate family members during term time. This was a special evening where the invited guests soon gained an understanding of the very strong family bond that pervades the boarding house. 

Year 11 student, Valance Yates led fellow boarders in a highly charged House Haka before the guests were escorted to their tables. 

Following dinner, recently appointed Housemaster, Mr Adam Bannister gave credit to the boarders for their exceptional attitudes and all they contribute to the life of the College. It’s not easy to bring 121 individuals representing over 100 different family backgrounds together under one roof, yet it works! Mr Bannister said, ‘The way that you wrap around and support one another when people need help or comfort, and your inclusiveness and acceptance of others in such a diverse and multi-cultural community such as ours, speaks volumes of your character. It is a truly special place to be part of - an extended family, a second home for many, a place that others don’t really ‘get’ until they are fortunate enough to be part of it. This is a place full of so many talented young people representing every facet of our College life. And this is a place which helps you, individually, to develop into good, young citizens of the world. Our place, Bruce House.’ 

Current Bruce House Head Prefects, Harrison Taylor and Lisa Miyaura both came forward to speak with passion about their boarding experience. They have both been excellent role models to the younger students and epitomise all that is good in such a community. 

How many families can say they’ve rallied around to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ over 100 times in one year? Harrison called Bruce House his ‘million-dollar experience’ because money cannot buy the memories, relationships and the lessons he has gained over the last four years. He said, ‘From a young age, we have learnt, through this environment, the ability to understand and connect with different types. To be successful in life, we need to make connections with many different people, cultures and environments, just like we have here in Bruce House.’ 

Both Lisa and Harrison have come to know the sense of belonging and family within the House. They paid tribute to their fellow boarders and the many staff who care for them amongst the duty, nursing and catering staff. In particular, Lisa paid homage to Matron, Mrs Rosemary Capill who retires this year after 25 years’ service, ‘Matron, no words can describe how amazing you are. Every morning, no matter what, you come in to the House with a huge smile on your face and make someone’s day just a little brighter. You are truly someone with a patient, thoughtful, compassionate and beautiful heart.’ Matron was given a well-deserved standing ovation. 

If the parents of our graduates were once worried about the idea of their child leaving home to board at school, their fears would surely be have been allayed last night as they came to fully understand the strong bonds and support networks between the boarders and those that care for them at Bruce House. 

The evening concluded with Senior College Principal, Mrs Suzanne Winthrop presenting the Bruce House Awards for 2017 followed by the announcement of next year’s Bruce House student leaders: Bruce House Head Boy, Robert Rush; Bruce House Head Girl 2018, Courtney Griffiths; and Deputies, Rafe Macdonald and Brooke Wylie.

Bruce House Awards 2017
The MacFarlan Award for Head Boy:                                      Harrison Taylor
The MacFarlan Award for Head Girl:                                      Lisa Miyaura
The McGuiness Cup for Academic Honours:                         Lisa Miyaura
The Morgan Cup for Year 11 Academic Achievement:      Fiona Wang
The Bruce House Cup for Top All-Rounder:                           Lisa Miyaura
The Marcroft Cup for Sportsperson of the Year:                 Tayla Earle


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