Bruce House Boarders Welcome New Head of Boarding

July 28, 2017 at 4:10 PM

Towards the end of Term 2, the boarders gathered to farewell Reverend David Smith from his role as Head of Boarding at Bruce House; a position he had held for three and half years. This week, they gathered once again at a Formal Dinner, this time to welcome Mr Adam Bannister into the role. 

Mr Bannister is already very familiar to the boarders. He originally joined the College staff in 2014, and has been a Duty Master for the past three years, working alongside the many staff who care for our students in the boarding house. In addition to this new position, Mr Bannister will continue as Head of Admissions for the Senior College but will relinquish the role of Middle College Head Social Studies. He teaches History and Social Studies and is also well involved with the co-curricular life of the College, most notably in a coaching capacity with the Boys 1st XI football team, and as Head Coach of the Girls 1st XI Cricket team. 

Being part of Bruce House is a family affair and joining Mr Bannister in the Housemaster’s house is his wife, Dawn and children, Ollie (12) and Eliza (5). Supporting the Head of Boarding’s role is the Head of Girls’ Boarding, a position that Mrs Bridget Anitelea gladly took on at the start of the year. Her family, including husband, Lewis and her two girls Maia (10) and Sienna (8) live adjoining the girls’ boarding house. Several other families make up the staff numbers and soon discover they are part of an extended family that includes not only their own children but 120 additional family members in the boarding houses! 

Mr Bannister is looking forward to his new role and continuing the great work of previous Heads of Boarding in providing a safe, enjoyable and educational environment for the students of Bruce House. Parents can feel assured that their children are in a supportive, family community where they are guided by a team of skilled and caring staff. Bruce House has a great sense of belonging; which is a part of our holistic educational approach. 

We welcome Mr Bannister to the role and look forward to his contribution. 

Being a Boarder at Bruce House
Bruce House is home to 120 boarders this year from Year 7 to Year 13. There are 20 international students in the boarding house from eight different countries - Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Fiji, China, Canada and France - bringing a vast diversity of cultures. The Kiwi residents come from all around New Zealand, with many adding a rural flavour! A large number are also from Auckland, either in close proximity to the College or too far away for daily access by bus or car, and choose to board to take full advantage of co-curricular activities that take place before and after school, as well as the assistance of tutors during Prep time. A 7am music rehearsal and sports training finishing at 5pm are much easier to manage when they take place only a few minutes’ walk away! 

Testimonials from past boarders never fail to mention the sense of belonging that living at Bruce House engenders, with many referring to fellow boarders as an extension of their families.  As well as the student leaders, the Bruce House staff play a vital role in creating and maintaining the feeling of community. Head of Boarding, Mr Adam Bannister lives onsite, as does Head of Girls’ Boarding, Mrs Bridget Anitelea who has responsibility for the girls. Along with the duty staff, matrons, gap tutors and kitchen personnel, there is a caring team making sure the boarders have a true home base at College when they are away from their own families.

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