Boys vs Wild

December 05, 2017 at 2:43 PM

With thanks to Mr Richard Kirk, Senior School Dean 

Each year, a large number of our senior boys work towards the Saint Kentigern Service Awards. Run along similar lines to the Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Awards, the bronze, silver and gold awards require a good level of commitment to achieve. Each level has requirements to undertake outdoor activities, school representation, research projects and service at home, school and in the wider community. A detailed log book is kept and an interview is required before the level is awarded. 

The boys who have achieved the silver award are invited to take part in Boys v. Wild, which counts towards part of the camp and service requirements of the gold award. 

This year, Boy vs Wild was undertaken in Wenderholm Regional Park and as with previous years, this was a positive experience for boys and staff alike.  Forty four Saint Kentigern boys set off for camp accompanied by three Year 6 boys and their minder from Wymondley Road School in Otara, a school we have forged strong links with over recent years. 

Tents were set up, bags were unpacked, and our base was made – but this was not a holiday, we were there for a purpose – to give service!  The walking tracks in the regional parks are well used and throughout winter, particularly when there is wet weather, they can deteriorate and it was the boys’ allotted task to get the paths ready for summer.  This involved transporting gravel in bags along the paths to the points where it was required, emptying them and spreading the gravel to ensure the paths were ready to go.  It was hot work and the boys and staff worked really hard in shifting two piles of gravel.  The ranger’s expectation was that we would do one pile on Monday and the other on the Tuesday, but with dedication and determination, we moved both piles in one day.  This was a great effort. Whilst it was hard work, one of the Wymondley boys summed it up. ‘Even though it was hot and our hands hurt from carrying the bags, with all the laughing, it was still fun!’ 

Once the work was complete, the boys returned to the campsite to have a well-deserved swim and some downtime.  Dinner was sorted by the boys, having planned, budgeted and bought the ingredients prior to the trip. It was all hands on deck before the finished meals were put before the Master Chef panel of Mr Grant, Mr Haar, Mr Kirk and Sione who as accompanying the Wymondley boys. The winner was a hamburger meal that looked restaurant quality!  Our boys have some culinary skills it seems! 

The following morning, the boys prepared their own breakfasts and lunches for the journey home and they left Wenderholm with some very fond memories and a knowledge that we had helped out and provided service in an area that really needed it.    

It was great to have representation from Wymondley and we hope their boys enjoyed the experience as much as ours did!

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