Boys’ School Year 7 Camp

February 27, 2019 at 3:19 PM

With thanks to Year 7 teacher, Mr Kurt Dorset

The stunning Whangarei Heads proved the perfect backdrop for the 135 Year 7 Boys’ School students who headed off to camp last week!

Set across two different sites, with the boys spending time at each, hosts, Hākuturi Ltd, were tasked with creating an ‘organic’ camping experience that would challenge the boys to explore their connection to the whenua and tangata.

Camp Mania, located in McClouds Bay on the Northland coast, provided the boys with an opportunity to get out on the water and use large SUP boards and kayaks to explore the coastlines and inlets of the bay. ‘We learnt a lot about team work on the boards,’ said Louis Kyriak, ‘if you aren’t paddling at the same time, in the same direction, you won’t go fast!’

Crafting bracelets from flax and an ascent of Mount Mania were also on the programme, with the journey up the mountain offering the perfect environment to learn about the plants and their uses. Many of the boys tried a taste of the Hangihangi plant. ‘It tasted like lettuce!’ said Toby Wallace.

The boys worked on their flax weaving skills and helped clean the kitchen following dinners. Sleeping in the dorm room environment was a chance for tutor groups to display their organisational skills; something that some groups will have set as a goal to improve for next year’s camp!

The second site used by the boys was located on the picturesque Jagger Farm. The rural and rugged landscape was a far cry from any home comforts. The boys learnt traditional fire lighting techniques, used to build a fire that could cook their own dinner. When you’re hungry, it’s a skill you are keen to learn! With carving, further weaving and stories told around the camp fire, the boys were exposed to a real New Zealand bush experience.

The sleeping options at the farm ranged from hammocks tied between the pine trees or the more luxurious abode of a yurt, erected by the boys, where Mr Cassie took up residence on his visit.

This year, the boys were treated to a unique experience on Ocean Beach. Mr Cassie provided the use of his Kontiki for fishing. After a few false starts, the rig was deployed and much to the excitement of the boys, eleven good sized snapper were caught, the boys enjoyed fish curry for dinner that night!

Year 7 camp is strategically timed early in the year to allow the new intake of Year 7 boys to settle. Camp provides the perfect opportunity for the new students to integrate with the boys who have been at Saint Kentigern since their early years. Whangarei Heads is a fantastic venue, providing the right mix of activities for our boys to be challenged and offering the opportunity discover new friendships through shared experiences. The weather stayed fine for the week and the boys finally returned to school, tired, tested and enriched from their experience in the outdoors.

Our sincere thanks to the staff for making this camp possible.


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