Boys’ School Year 6 Camp

April 10, 2017 at 11:46 AM

Our Year 6 boys were the final group to head to camp this year with their days away held at the Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp. With a camp designed to challenge the boys, the range of activities hit the mark with this age group! 

Camp offers many opportunities from finding the courage to face new challenges; developing early leadership skills; discovering the compassion to offer encouragement and support to fellow campers; and simply ‘mucking in’ to help out in areas that may be new to the boys – like washing up and keeping their dorm tidy! 

No matter the obstacle, the sense of achievement and pride in the outcome was evident amongst the boys. Our sincere thanks to the staff and parents who made this possible.

Let’s hear it from the boys…

As I hopped into the Go-Kart, the engine roared in my ears. Finn shouted, ‘3,2,1,go!’ The stopwatch started ticking. My foot pushed the accelerator as I zoomed around the cones, bumping up and down over the pot holes in the track. Half way around the course, the force from going over a larger pothole pushed my helmet over my eyes. I quickly struggled to get it back but by then I had swerved out of control and over a cone. Gaining control, I zoomed along the last stretch. Unfortunately I pushed the breaks too early and wasted a couple of precious seconds as I drifted to the end.
Thomas Davies 

It was our group’s turn to try out our archery skills. As I stepped up and loaded my arrows into the bow, I was Robin Hood. My heart pounded. How would I go? Could I even fire an arrow? I shivered with nervous energy as I tried to be calm. I aimed with care and as the arrow shot from my bow. I had hit the small yellow target! I was overjoyed. My last two arrows were not as accurate but I had had fun!.
Sean Trombitas 

As my body shook with fear, I went up to the wooden table and looked through the heavy iron scope. I prepared myself as I looked anxiously through the clear glass. Bang! I was the first day of Year 6 camp at Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp and it has been an adventure packed day with phenominal activities. The best was Air Rifles. My group must have all felt the same as they sprinted to the shooting range, as excited as if we were competing for the Olympics. I went first, waiting impatiently for our leader, Boris, to put the tiny lead pellet into the heavy chamber. I peeked through the scope carefully, deciding on which target to aim at. I lowered the thick rifle onto the table. The volume around me decreased. I felt like a hunter in the wild. Bang! I heared the sound and knew I had hit the can. I looked up to see the hole I had made. It was an exhilerating experience!
Ricky Shen


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