Boys' School Year 6 Camp

March 18, 2015 at 12:10 PM

Our Year 6 boys had a fantastic time away at their annual camp when they travelled away to Sir Peter Blake’s MERC (Marine Education and Recreation Centre) in Long Bay, Auckland.

They enjoyed a great week of assorted activities designed to challenge and create a sense of achievement, returning to school at the end of the week brimming with excitement and rather exhausted! Principal, Mr Peter Cassie remarked that they should also be returning trained in keeping their rooms tidy and doing their own dishes!

Here’s what some of the boys thought:

Abseiling changed me because I was afraid of heights but after my second attempt at going down the abseiling wall, I felt braver and I overcame my fear. That was pretty special for me.  I felt the grip of the rope in my hands as I worked my way down and I could hear the shouting and screaming of the other boys encouraging me.  
Joshua, Year 6

It was another incredible day at camp! My archery skills improved and Alex hit his arrow bam in the middle of the target and popped the balloon that was there. I thought abseiling would be very difficult but when I had achieved it, I realised it was really quite easy.     
Kelven, Year 6

We attempted the world famous ‘Stack em High’. Once the instructor finished his directions, we were all eager to start. When it was our turn, we trembled with anticipation but everybody was cheering. We inspired each other and we were very proud of ourselves.
Jack and Benjamin, Year 6

Every night we would go out into the field across the road to play ‘piece of cake.’ On the last night, there were five containers hidden and I was determined to find one. We had formulated an awesome plan that involved me running around like a lunatic, screaming at the top of my lungs, while Jonathan crept around the back of the bush and grabbed the box!
Asher, Year 6

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