Boys’ School Year 5 MERC Camp

March 21, 2018 at 4:12 PM

A week jam packed with marine-based education and outdoor recreational activities kept our Year 5 boys challenged last week. Located on the beachfront at Long Bay, Sir Peter Blake’s MERC (Marine Education and Recreation Centre) was an ideal location for this age group to develop, in particular, confidence in open water activities.

Over the five days, the boys enjoyed a daily rotation of activities that both tested them mentally and physically. Both land and water based, the activities were designed to extend the boys and included abseiling, climbing, canoeing, orienteering, giant’s ladder, slingshot, archery, raft building and sailing.

The students enjoyed a fun filled week while learning plenty of new skills, developing their independence, discovering self-confidence, stepping out of their comfort zones and conquering new challenges.

The boys, staff and supervising parents returned to school totally exhausted but having had the times of their lives!

The last word goes to the boys:

My favourite day at camp was when I got to face my only fear – heights. It was challenging because the planks got wider and wider apart as I climbed higher. When I succeeded, I was so relieved that I had faced my fear. 
Sammy Taylor

My favourite activity on camp was archery because I almost hit the bull’s eye. I liked watching my friends shoot and hearing the arrow whiz through the air.
Joshua Motion

I really enjoyed doing surf kayaking on camp. I enjoyed it because the waves were colossal and the warm was warm, making capsizing so much fun.
Jacob Burt

Camp was a chance to stretch out of our comfort zones. Camp is an opportunity to strive for excellence. Camp can make friendships and develop courage.
Scott Nell

My favourite part of camp was doing all the activities, but my absolute favourite was archery. I also really enjoyed spending time with the dads and the MERC instructors.
Luka Urlich

I really enjoyed camp because we got to go surfing in the ocean. The water was very warm, and the waves were crunching and crashing around us!
Johnny Ormond

My favourite activity on camp was surfing because I got to stand up on my board. I also enjoyed spending time with my friends.
Ryan Harding


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