Boys’ School Music Showcase 2015

November 18, 2015 at 3:06 PM

The fantastic music programme at the Boys’ School demonstrated its superb wares at this morning’s showcase assembly. Parents and guests accompanied the entire school in JC Chalmers Hall to hear the fruits of the efforts of Director of Music Mrs Janet Grierson, music teacher Mrs Emma Chatterton and the various itinerant instrument tutors. The audience was welcomed into the hall by the Pipes and Drums Band, which was sounding very polished after forming just last year. The band has fast become a popular sight at a number of events throughout the year and set the bar today for what was to follow.

The programme included solo performances by students on 10 different instruments. The boys had earned the privilege of playing in the showcase by being selected as the top practitioner of each instrument. Interspersed throughout the individual performances were appearances from the many ensembles on offer for boys to join. As well as being a platform for the best soloists, the showcase provides a taster of the various instruments that boys can take up and the group performances give budding players a goal to aspire to.

From traditional pieces by Mozart to a number one Bruno Mars’ hit song, each of the individual and group performances were expertly executed and resoundingly appreciated by the audience. Principal Mr Peter Cassie concluded the assembly by congratulating the boys on their recitals. ‘Music has the ability to make people happy,’ he said. ‘The audience couldn’t help but tap their feet and nod their heads as you performed.’ Mr Cassie thanked the parents and guests for coming along to support the boys in their musical endeavours, before the lead piper played as the visitors exited the hall.

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