Boys' School Junior Athletics Day

November 08, 2013 at 3:40 PM

DSC_4906.JPGWith a forecast planned for heavy thundery showers and hail in the afternoon, the morning of the Boys’ School Junior Athletics Day was not looking too dry! But true to form of unpredictable November weather, the skies remained clear right through to the finish.

During the morning’s activities all of the Year 0-3 students were able to participate in jumping, throwing and running events held on the top School field. The family and friends who came along to show their support watched the dedication and enthusiasm from the boys’ who put in 110% effort listening to their instructions and then giving it their personal best on the field.

The Year 8 Seniors who helped on the day were great role models for the younger students as they patiently helped the Juniors with their sports techniques, particularly on the shotput and discus. The fun filled golf ball and spoon races needed no explanation, aside from when the students had to balance their ‘eggs’ on their spoons and race backwards!

The grand finale of the day was the 50, 75 and 100m competitive sprints. Amongst the students this year were a couple of record breakers defeating last year’s times. Year 0 student Max Trankels beat the 50m sprint time with his 9.69 best, and Year 3 student Benjamin Hardie clocked in at 16.32 breaking the 100m. Well done boys.

Junior School Athletics Winners 2013

Year 0 50m
1st: Max Trankels - 9.69 record
2nd: Scott Nel
3rd =: Jacob Hageman and Finlay Peterson

Year 1 50m 
1st: Pierce Gault - 9.31
2nd: Lachlan Hay
3rd: James Hiddleston

Year 2 75m
1st: Ethan Knox - 13.28
2nd: Harry Becker
3rd=: William Lawrence-Vaivai and Ashan Weerasinghe

Year 3 100m
1st: Benjamin Hardie - 16.32 record
2nd: Ben James
3rd: Brendan Meyer

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