Boys’ School Exhibit in the Intermediate Art Exhibition!

December 05, 2018 at 9:38 AM

The 2018 Intermediate Art Exhibition was held at Silo Park in Wynyard Quarter, Downtown Auckland for the first time this year.  This amazing space inside the old cement silos gave the opportunity for our boys to show off their artistic skills. This year, 14 of our boys represented the Boys’ School with works ranging from pointillism paintings to laser cut sculptures.

The Year 8 students worked in two distinct groups this year - one learnt about different styles of print making and the other learnt how to use our new laser cutter to design and make sculptures.

The printing module included up to three types of printing, utilising the mediums of foam, card and wood. The skills of photography, design, sketching, template creation, wood carving and printing using ink were developed.

The Laser Cut Sculpture process was simple, it involved cutting out black paper templates which the laser cutter duplicated. This process allowed the boys to express their own ideas by researching and creating works that displayed their own creativity and designs. 

The Year 7 boys studied pointillism and how to make pictures using dots of primary colours to form secondary colours. They created pictures of their own choice using acrylic paint.

The opening saw a large crowd and a positive response to their work. Well done boys!

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