Boys’ School ‘Amumzing Race’

June 05, 2024 at 4:28 PM

“Congratulations. You are team number ONE!”

Each adrenaline-fueled team jumped onto the finish mat of our Boys’ School ‘Amumzing Race,’ hoping to hear those words. After an hour of racing against the clock and other groups, and strategically navigating challenges, teams showed up breathless and hopeful. For one group each night, their anticipation was met with a nod, smile, and confirmation of their victory, often followed closely by a celebratory holler, and tight squeezes all round.

Each year, our school hosts a mother and son event in partnership with the Boys’ School Parents & Friends. Following last year’s delicious breakfast and the successful Dads & Lads quiz night last year, the mums wanted in on some action with their boys, and so, ‘The Amumzing Race’ was born, inspired by the hit series ‘The Amazing Race.’

Teams of three—comprising parent-student groups—raced to beat opponents and the clock, completing challenges across the school. Four nights, one for each House, saw spirited costumes and competitive natures come out with some incredible prizes up for grabs.

Many generous organisations supported the evening, including VR Chen and CubeeKiz Media Group, and our prize donors by Natalie, Snowplanet, Premium Liquor Co., We Bliss You, Stella + Gemma, Farro, Tree Adventures, Club Soda, The Diamond Shop, MyAll, Reform Pilates, Augustine, Gravity Trampoline Park, Alchemy & Tonic, and Hyundai Marine Sports Centre.

As the horn let off an ear-splitting blast, the clock began to count down from sixty minutes, and a blur of house shirts sprinted toward the front, desperate to give their team any lead possible. Their first challenge, a quiz with logic puzzles and movie names, stood in the way of the teams and their first route info. Desperate whispers could be heard in increasing volume as the first teams finished and headed out the door to the rest of their challenges.

Following the quiz, teams split out across the school. At each station, they were met with a choice of two activities—some similar in time and skill, others riskier, forcing teams to decide whether they had the skill to complete it quickly or to go with the longer, safer task. Each completed activity earned them a stamp on their map and route info to the next challenge.

Once they had completed eight challenges, teams raced toward the finish line, jumping onto the mat, hoping to hear those glorious words, “You are team number one!” The winning boys and parents celebrated with equal vigour as they headed inside for a victory meal. Each parent and student were provided with dinner, and they had a chance to take home some memories in the House-themed photobooth. The photos, now proudly displayed on their fridges, will remind them of the unforgettable memories made on this special Mother’s Day race.

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