To the Boys of 2023!

December 15, 2023 at 10:56 AM

As our Year 8 boys’ time at the school concludes, students, parents, faculty, Trust Board members, and esteemed guests assembled at the Ellerslie Event Centre to commemorate their accomplishments, growth, and friendships. 

In his introductory remarks, Year 8 Dean Mr Steve Aucamp lauded all students for their continuous pursuit of improvement, collectively elevating the academic standards of the cohort.

Following suit, Mr Thomas Steel, President of the Old Collegians Association, took the stage to formally welcome the boys into the association as alumni. Subsequently, attendees were invited to partake in a delectable buffet dinner. 

This year, the audience had the privilege of hearing from two distinguished guest speakers, both of whom are former Boys’ School students and incoming Head Prefects at the College. 

Imminent Deputy Head Boy Sam McLeod addressed the gathering first, regaling the boys with humorous anecdotes from his tenure at the school. He continued by sharing how personal challenges had cultivated resilience in him, using his unconventional journey to the 1st XV as inspiration for any boys navigating obstacles on their path to achievement.

Subsequently, Head Boy-elect Ricky Shen took the podium, reflecting on his experiences at the College. He imparted sagacious counsel to the Year 8 graduates, urging them to explore diverse interests. Despite the myriad reasons one may have to not, he encouraged them to be bold and embrace opportunities as they arise.

Concluding the event with a toast to the Year 8 students, Boys’ School Principal Mr Peter Cassie extended congratulations on their remarkable achievements and contributions to the school. We extend our best wishes to all the graduating Year 8 boys as they embark on the ensuing phase of their education.

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