'Best of the Best' Instrumental Showcase Strikes a Chord

May 23, 2023 at 10:05 AM

JC Chalmers Hall was filled with anticipation as the stage was set for the much-awaited 'Best of the Best' Instrumental Showcase. The talented finalists took their positions, ready to captivate the audience with their extraordinary musical abilities. This event marked the grand finale of the Boys' School instrumental competition, where participants poured their heart and soul into their performances. Miss Mary Lin, the Head of Music at the College, assumed the pivotal role of adjudicating the performances.

The competition was divided into two categories: the junior division, open to students in Years 3-6, and the senior division, exclusively for the Year 7 and 8 students. With auditions open to those who had reached Grade 3 and above, a staggering number of over 70 talented students vied for a coveted spot in the finals. After a rigorous selection process, only 11 individuals emerged as finalists.

In the junior division, the stage belonged to Gavin Chen, Darren Lin, Boyi Yujin, Linhao Chen, and Aaron Zhao. These young virtuosos captivated the audience with their remarkable performances. Meanwhile, in the senior division, Lawrence Li, Ryan Yeh, Gordon Hitch, Arthur Zhang, Reuben Kennerley, and Ryan Yeh showcased their incredible musical prowess. As an interlude between the two finals the Performers’ Choir entertained the audience by singing the upbeat ‘Four Chords’, with 21 excerpts of songs in 2 minutes!

Among the talents, it was violinist Boyi Yujin who emerged as winner in the junior category. His mesmerising rendition of Polish Dance by Edmund Severn left the audience spellbound. In the senior category, it was the skilful cellist Ryan Yeh who claimed the top honours with his sensational interpretation of Allegro Appassionato by Saint Saëns. Ryan's seasoned musicality and captivating stage presence resonated deeply with the audience, and was a testament to his many hours of practice and performance.

The Boys' School 'Best of the Best' Instrumental Showcase was a masterclass in dedication, passion, and talent of these remarkable young musicians. To perform in front of peers, teachers, and parents with such confidence at this age bodes well for their futures. Miss Lin encouraged them to continue in their crafts, hoping to see them thriving in the College music program in a few short years.

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