Author, Artist and Storyteller

April 30, 2018 at 3:22 PM

On the first day of the new school term, the Boys’ School invited author, artist and storyteller, Stu Duval to open Book Week.

Stu has been a regular visitor to the School over the years, combining his multiple talents in the arts, written and spoken word to enthral the boys. Considered one of New Zealand’s master storytellers, his books are much loved by children and praised for their ‘crackling prose’, ‘rip-roaring adventure’ and ‘spellbinding narrative.’ Having two young sons of his own, his stories are well and truly tested before reaching a wider audience - and have ‘boy appeal’ in particular!

Equally renowned as an artist as well as an author, Stu incorporates live art into his performances, creating large, colourful illustrations as he weaves his original tales, full of lively characters, sound effects and music into a show with plenty of side-splitting humour.

Today, he did three separate shows for the Junior, Middle and Senior syndicates with each tale age-appropriate. His signature chalk on black illustrations grew as the chalk flew across the paper, the finished three art works left for the School to display.

A good storyteller has the power to invoke the imagination and in a week dedicated to all we love about books and reading, Stu provided the boys of all ages a great insight into developing a good narrative.


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