The Art of Innovation: Boys' EPro8 Competition

June 15, 2023 at 3:13 PM

With the call to ‘Engineer. Problem Solve. Innovate.’ the EPro8 Competition this year attracted a multitude of young and creative minds ready to tackle the challenges that awaited them. This esteemed competition, rooted in technology, science, and engineering, aimed to put the problem-solving abilities of the boys to the ultimate test.

Gathered in teams of four, the participants found themselves face-to-face with three intriguing challenges: constructing a Dunk Tank, creating a Certificate Giver-Outer, and engineering a Water Well. Time was of the essence as the teams had a mere two hours on the clock to strategise and deliberate, determining the best approach to tackle their chosen challenge.

EPro8 pushes the boys to think creatively and work collaboratively. Each challenge, based on a real-world problem, demanded technical expertise and innovative problem-solving. With the range of provided equipment, teams showcased their ingenuity while overcoming obstacles.

At the end of the competition, the winners from each age group earned their well-deserved ticket to the inter-school competition in Term 3. However, the journey continued for the teams in second and third place. They will face another round to determine the final groups progressing to the next stage.

The EPro8 Competition is a unique opportunity for our boys to demonstrate their technology, science, and engineering skills. The attributes of successful teams are transferrable into careers in these fields and we are excited to play a small part in developing the solution-makers of the next generation.


Year 6

1st Group A

Freddie Halliday

Charlie Henderson

Peter Tan

Nic Smith


1st Group B

Anthony Li

Lin-Hao Chen

Louis Kwok

Lucas Yu


Year 7


Hugo Davies

Fredrick McGregor-McDonald

Lucas Gilbert

Matthew Gilbert


Year 8

1st equal

Oliver White

Austin Roxburgh

Harold MacCulloch

Nathan Cooper


Benjamin Durose

Eason Liu

Oliver Bennett

Dominic Nicholson

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