Array of French Fare at College

August 06, 2015 at 12:31 PM

One of the world’s most challenging and delicious cuisines was painstakingly prepared and served at a French Artisan Food Market at the College yesterday. Year 11 Food Technology students showcased and sold their latest classroom creations, which included pomme frites, macaroons, crepes, croissants and, of course, amazing pastries.

Having successfully made classic puff pastry for their last practical assessment, the students have since been planning and developing their own products for yesterday’s market. The brief required them to research food products available at markets and specialty stores around Auckland, and use this information to choose a delicacy to develop. They have spent 12 weeks fine-tuning the flavour, presentation and packaging to the point where they can confidently produce their carte de jour in saleable quantities.

There were more than 20 stalls offering over 30 different French treats, with many items selling out within minutes. The customers, which included students, teachers and parents, had to make tough decisions about where to spend their money. There were plenty of eyes bigger than stomachs, as repeat purchases were made from favourite vendors while others gathered a variety of foods until their hands were full.

The project supports the learning for two internally assessed achievement standards. Part of the work is to calculate the costs of development and sales, which will be deducted from the market’s revenue. Any profit made is kept by the students.

The event was a culinary delight for the diners and a great learning experience for the students in their roles as cooks and marketers.

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