Animation and Motion Graphics Students Work on Live Brief

August 12, 2015 at 2:40 PM

A critical component of study at the College is the exposure to information and experiences that will help students decide the career path they may take once they have completed their secondary education. EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom) takes many forms from camps to university lectures, visits to industry and a host of other opportunities; each intended to extend their learning within a new context.

Recently three Year 13 Animation and Motion Graphics students were offered a fantastic opportunity to be part of a select group of ten at a two-day workshop at Media Design School in Auckland. Animation and Motion Graphics was offered for the first time at Year 12 at the College in 2014, expanding to Year 13 in 2015.

Matthew Bartlett, Dhiren Govind and Isaac Pattison worked alongside the Creative Advertising and Interactive and Motion Design students from Media Design School on a project proposed by multi-national company Visa. The live brief asked the groups of students to explore how ‘payment transactions will be conducted in the digital world and how the user experience can be enhanced.’

All three Saint Kentigern students thoroughly enjoyed the unique experience and came away with heightened excitement towards their work and ambition to pursue a career in digital technology.

Dhiren described the opportunity as ‘one of the highlights of my year so far. It has completely changed my perspective about the creative advertising industry. Stretching my mind to the limit for ideas for two days and collaborating with some cool people was so exhilarating. At the end of the first day I was so keen to be back for another! Since visiting I have booked to visit on their open day to see what other courses they have in store. I now find myself contemplating careers in the creative and digital technology field.’

The boys are currently working on a year-long self-directed assignment based around character design. They are testing and experimenting with a range of media and techniques to assist their narratives.

Animation and Motion Graphics at the College
Following on from the broad-ranging NCEA Level 1 Digital Technology in Year 11, students can select in Years 12 and 13 to study the more specialised Animation and Motion Graphics course as part of the Technology curriculum. In Year 12, for NCEA Level 2, students are introduced to the dynamic world of animation, visual effects and stop motion. The work that is created integrates elements of graphic design, motion graphics and moving image. The course has been developed alongside a leading tertiary institution ensuring the divergent thinking practices and technical skills learnt are directly applicable to future study and working in the industry.

In Year 13, for NCEA Level 3, the skills are extended through personalised research and practice. The students’ understanding and creativity is focused on a number of design briefs to build a comprehensive portfolio. The final products are showcased at an end-of-year exhibition open to the public, tertiary providers and industry.

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