The 2021 VEGAS College Ball

May 12, 2021 at 1:41 PM

More than 450 students and their partners made their way to Elliot Hall on Saturday in style for an unforgettable night of dancing and socialising at this year’s Year 13 Ball.

Decorated in red, black and white colours, fairy lights, drapes, flamingos, dice, cards and stunning chandeliers, the Hall was transformed into a magical ‘VEGAS’ themed Ball – a theme that was voted for by our Year 13 cohort. Our young men and women in their stunning evening wear and formal suits complemented the stunning setup.

Every year, it is the job of a selected group of students to bring the evening together, and each year the students set the bar higher than the last. Organising such a large event requires a lot of work and many months of planning. This year, Head Prefects J’adore Harris-Tavita, Harry Lowe, Sophia Hynds and Harjot Dharni made many of the final decisions.

Although the students have a great time dancing the night away, taking photos and enjoying the wide range of food and refreshments on offer, the highlight of the evening is always discovering who has been chosen as the ‘King and Queen’ and the best dressed.

Congratulations to:
King of Ball - Sasha Croon 
Queen of Ball – Sophia Hynds and Summer Peden
Cutest Couple - Hank Huang and Isabeau Pan
Best Dressed (Female) - Lucy Horsnell
Best Dressed (Male) - Nathan Smith
Best Dressed Couple - Anna-Maria Moehler and Quinn Holloway
Best Dressed Female Staff Member - Mrs Galland
Best Dressed Male Staff Member - Mr Underhill

Our sincere thanks to the Head Prefects for the dedicated and detailed work they undertook in planning the Ball. This is an enormous undertaking and one they can be proud of!
We also thank Reverend Smith, Mrs Galland and Mrs Adamson for their help.


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