2020 BLAKE Young Leader Award

September 17, 2020 at 11:10 AM

In a special awards ceremony this morning, Girls’ School Principal, Ms Juliet Small awarded Head Girl, Mikayla Chung with the 2020 BLAKE Young Leader Award. This prestigious award is presented to students all around the country who show great leadership in making a positive change towards a better future for our communities and our planet earth.

Mikayla is often called upon to help support teachers in various activities and is well liked by other students for her warm and caring personality. Mikayla always demonstrates our School Values of Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence and Love and is, therefore, a wonderful role model for her peers.

Academically, Mikayla finished first in Year 7 last year, largely due to the diligence she applies to her work. During Lockdown, she maintained high levels of engagement and achievement. Distantly, she was able to keep spirits high with her friendly manner and positive attitude. She also made a conscious effort to look out for other students during this time and made a short video that shared important messages, while adding a bit of humour.

Mikayla is a strong sportsperson and is involved in a variety of sports and cocurricular activities. Currently she is the leader of the Year 7 Netball team and spends Thursday lunchtimes helping to coach. She also puts her hand up when it comes to shows and performances, having had a main role in the winning Show Quest performance last year.

Mikayla is a well-deserved recipient of this award. Well done Mikayla.

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