2015 External Examination Results

January 29, 2016 at 8:09 AM

NCEA and International Baccalaureate Diploma

With thanks to Mr Richard Stead

The 2015 results in both NCEA and the International Baccalaureate Diploma qualifications were extremely good with a pleasing increase in the number of NCEA students gaining Excellence Endorsements across all three levels of this qualification. Overall, the majority of our students can be proud of their achievements with the vast majority gaining their respective NCEA Level Certificate and IB Diploma. The full details are below.

90.03%. of our students overall gained University Entrance.

Of further note, we have an increasingly large number of students who have gained high enough results to be awarded Saint Kentigern Academic Colours and Honours, testament to student effort to achieve at the highest level.


The majority of students at Saint Kentigern College sit the NCEA and we are extremely proud that  the measurable indicators at all three levels of the qualification have shown improvement on the previous year. Of greatest note is the continued rise in the number of students who have strived for and attained either a Merit or Excellence Endorsement.


At Level 1 (Year 11) 97.4% of all the students gained their NCEA Level 1 certificates with 36.2% attaining their certificates with an Excellence Endorsement and a further 47.8% gaining a Merit Endorsement.

We are pleased for the 56 students who have met the criteria for gaining Saint Kentigern Academic Colours or Honours.

Congratulations to our top five NCEA Level 1 students:

Elise Hinomoto - Average GPA – 98.8

David Thibaud -Average GPA – 97.0

Josh Looker - Average GPA – 96.8

Crystal Sun - Average GPA – 96.5

Brendan Waters - Average GPA – 96.2


Our Level 2 results continue to remain strong with 100% of students gaining their NCEA Level 2 certificates. 26.9% gained their certificates with an Excellence Endorsement and a further 45.5% gaining a Merit Endorsement.

We are proud to acknowledge the 52 students who have met the criteria for gaining Saint Kentigern Academic Colours or Honours.

Congratulations to our top five NCEA Level 2 students:

Samantha Louie - Average GPA – 97.2

Katherine Chang - Average GPA – 96.0

Greer Hunter - Average GPA – 95.0

Alex Gordon - Average GPA – 93.3

Oliver O’Rourke - Average GPA – 93.3


Our 2015 leavers also produced a very good set of results.  97.8% gained a NCEA Level 3 Certificate while our University Entrance success rate for NCEA was 89%.  Excellence Endorsement was achieved by 17.2% of these students with a further 41.4% gaining a Merit Endorsement.

Congratulations to our top 5 NCEA Level 3 students:

Marieke Kruiswijk - Average GPA – 98.8

Daniel Clark - Average GPA – 96.6

Byron Lam - Average GPA – 96.6

Tiana Tuialii - Average GPA – 96.6

Devika Dhir  - Average GPA – 95.0

The % of students gaining NCEA Certificates
University Entrance

NCEA Level 1


NCEA Level 2


NCEA Level 3


University Entrance



The % of students gaining Endorsements Credits at Excellence or Merit Level

Level 1

Achieved with Excellence


Achieved with Merit


Level 2

Achieved with Excellence


Achieved with Merit


Level 3

Achieved with Excellence


Achieved with Merit




At the end of 2015, our sixth cohort of 33 Year 13 International Baccalaureate Diploma students completed their two year course of study, culminating in their final external examinations. As in the previous years, our students performed extremely well.

100% of those sitting the examinations gained 26 points or more with 94% being awarded a Diploma. The average for Saint Kentigern College was 34 points which compared very favourably against the world average of 30.98 points and 34.15 points for the rest of New Zealand. (See below for an explanation of the point system.)

We are particularly proud of five students, William Xu (43 points), Daniel Ng (42 points), Kevin Yi (41 points), Grace Wood (40 points), and Minghong Huang (40 points) who gained ‘40 points and over’ from a maximum of 45. They join the elite few that gain more than 40 points in the Diploma Programme worldwide; their results are outstanding. Later this term, these students will be honoured at the New Zealand IB Schools High Achievers Awards Ceremony at Government House, Auckland, in the presence of the Governor General Lt Gen The Right Honourable Sir Jerry Mateparae.

Top Performing IB Diploma Students

William Xu - 43 points

Daniel Ng - 42 points

Grace Wood - 42 points

Kevin Yi - 41 points

Minghong Huang - 41 points

Explanation of the IB Diploma Points
NB:  The point scale used for IB subjects is 1 (poor) to 7 (best).  Students take six subjects = 42 points. A further 3 additional points* are available based on individual performance in the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge. Therefore, the maximum available score is 45.

HL = Higher Level SL = Standard Level

Three subjects are studied in depth at Higher Level (HL) and three at Standard Level (SL). Students decide which subjects they will study at Higher Level at the end of the second term in Year 12.

*Additional points

A maximum of 3 extra points can be gained for successful completion of the Theory of Knowledge course and the Extended Essay but to be eligible for the diploma, students must also meet the requirements of Creativity, Action and Service.

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