2014 Girls' School Junior Athletics Day

November 07, 2014 at 2:36 PM

With one postponed day already, the rain date for the Girls’ School Junior Athletics was looking rather dicey, but it turned out to be a fantastic morning of events for all girls involved. Athletics day provides an opportunity for all students to participate and experience personal success in running, jumping and throwing events while gaining points for their House.

Using the top field and Jubilee Sports Centre at the Boys’ School, the Year 0-3 girls took part in the individual sprints, long jump, Frisbee and chest pass events. To earn points, the girls participated in the competitive fun of the sack race and obstacle course. With her ‘chicken’ in her hand, Principal of the Girls’ School, Dr Sandra Hastie showed the girls how the obstacle course was run, much to the delight of the teams cheering her on.

In the 50 and 60m sprint, the runners with the top eight recorded times in each year level made it through to the finals. The final heat drew many parents and friends to the track sidelines to cheer on and support the girls.


50/60m Sprint

Year 0
1st – Sienna Robertshaw CH
2nd – Rosie Ward CH
3rd – Brooke Rowntree CA

Year 1
1st – Olivia Carpenter CA
2nd – Sevgi Yildz CA
3rd – Ashley Cheeseman HA 

Year 2
1st – Amelia Evangelidakis CA
2nd – Endrica Dhani CH
3rd – Isabella Hayes HA 

Year 3
1st – Isabella Hughes CH
2nd – Frances Revell-Devlin WI
3rd – Grace McGregor-MacDonald CH


Year 0
1st – Rosie Ward CH
2nd – Elzineia Dhani CH
3rd – Chloe Chester WI 

Year 1
1st – Olivia Carpenter CA
2nd – Aimee Horton CH
3rd – Catie Fowler CA 

Year 2
1st – Sophie Yan HA
2nd – Amelia Evangelidakis CA
3rd – Endrica Dhani CH

Year 3
1st – Alisa Iosua CA
2nd – Isabella Hughes CH
3rd – Alex Lamb WI


Year 0
1st – Brooke Rowntree CA
2nd – Bianca Ivanova WI
3rd – Elzineia Dhani CH 

Year 1
1st – Claudia Stewart CH
2nd – Ella Taylor CA
3rd = Sophie Grant CH, Phoebe Wood HA, Ashley Cheeseman HA 

Year 2
1st – Sienna Haar WI
2nd – Endrica Dhani CH
3rd – Amelia Evangelidakis CA 

Year 3
1st – Charlotte Higgins CA
2nd – Isabella Hughes CH
3rd – Kate Green HA 

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