20 Years of Girls at Saint Kentigern College: A Legacy of Progress and Passion, Integration and Innovation

April 01, 2023 at 2:34 PM

On  1 February 2003, Saint Kentigern College officially welcomed its first female students to the campus, marking a historic moment in the school's 51st year. Fast forward 20 years and the College and the Saint Kentigern Old Collegians Association recently celebrated this milestone event with a special gathering on Saturday, 25 March 2023.

The afternoon welcomed Daughters of Kentigern from the first twenty years of graduating classes back to the College campus to reconnect, reminisce, and celebrate the progress made since the first girls arrived at the school. The joyous occasion acknowledged the many significant contributions of female students to the College's history and legacy they have established. A number of past and present staff also joined the gathering to welcome and catch up with the girls returning on site

While enjoying afternoon tea, the attendees looked through old yearbooks and class photos, reflecting on their time at the school and marvelling at how much had changed since they were there. The event was made even more special with the presence of the College's new Principal, Mr Damon Emtage, and a familiar face, Mr Duncan McQueen, who both gave speeches to the attendees. The current 2023 Head Girl Kaia Ashmore also added her welcome on behalf of the students and highlighted some of her experiences as a female student over her time at the College

Following a brief update on the school, the past students were taken on a tour of the new facilities by existing girl Prefects at the College. They had the chance to see the improvements and changes made since their graduation and reminisce about the old days. The small group setting of these tours also allowed for more significant connections between Old Collegians and across generations, as current students got to know their predecessors and learned about the school's history.

The celebrations continued at Bucks Bistro Buckland’s Beach, where many attendees gathered to continue connecting over tapas and drinks, thanks to the Old Collegians Association. The event was a wonderful reminder of the female students' impact on Saint Kentigern College and their integral role in shaping the school's future.

Looking forward, the College's commitment to moving with the times by integrating both genders has paved the way for more progress and innovation in the years to come. As the College continues to evolve and adapt to new challenges, it will do so with the knowledge that its female students have played a vital role in shaping its history and will continue to do so in the future.

Thank you to all who attended. Your presence helps to create the legacy being etched into Saint Kentigern's history, and we appreciate the support of our ever-increasing Alumina of past students, both female and male within our community.

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