190 Student Strong College Dance Showcase

August 10, 2023 at 5:47 PM

In a celebration of artistry and talent, the College Dance Showcase took centre stage over two nights at the end of Term 2. The showcase was a harmonious blend of curricular and co-curricular dance, featuring students from all year groups who performed their meticulously rehearsed routines from curricular dance classes, co-curricular troupes, and academies.

With over 190 students involved this year, the magnitude of the event can be credited to the ever-expanding dance program at the College, led by Head of Dance Mr Geordan Wilcox, and teacher in charge of Middle School Dance Mr Ichiro Harada.

Mr Wilcox was full of gratitude and admiration for the students' enthusiasm and unwavering commitment throughout the process. He expressed immense pleasure in witnessing the growth of skills, creativity, and confidence in the performers as they prepared over the weeks leading up to the performances.

Behind the scenes, the dedication of Mr Harada was equally noteworthy. He extended his heartfelt thanks to the senior cohort, who nurtured and guided the younger dancers in the Dance Troupe and Dance Academy. Their unyielding efforts and time invested in mentoring their juniors resulted in some incredible performances and unifying a group of dancers that are the program's future.

The success of the Dance Showcase was further enriched by the presence of several guest teachers and choreographers, many of whom were illustrious College graduates. The contributions of Jessica Arden, Henk Tomkins, Melody Lui-Webster, Joseph 'Asi, Raychel Tapsel, Kate Romans, Erin Meek, Danni Greenfield, and Gemma Whitford-Joynt were essential in elevating the performances by bringing their experience to the table.

The showcase was divided into two segments each night, offering a unique experience for the audience. The first half featured performances by the Dance Troupes and Dance Academy. The choreography in these numbers highlighted the strengths in our students, with the Megacrew being an audience favourite with their inclusion of multiple styles under the hip-hop umbrella. The Megacrew went on to compete in the Blueprint Schools competition in the July school holidays. They were awarded a trophy for creativity in their choreography in a fierce bracket.

The second half of the evening showcased the creativity and ingenuity of the NCEA student choreographers, displaying their unique artistic voices through captivating routines. Each of these routines explored a theme of interest to the choreographer, who creatively bared their positions through movement.

The night's grand finale was the Year 12 and 13 class dances. The Year 12 students brought a Latin flavour with their choreography set to Camila Cabello's BAM BAM, while the Year 13 students brought nostalgia and cheer with their rendition of the fan favourite, All In This Together, from High School Musical.

The Dance Showcase was a resounding success, celebrating the students' and their mentors' dedication and passion. The variety of numbers, the sheer amount of dancers involved, and the calibre of talent were witness to the power of artistic expression. As the curtains drop on another showcase, we take this opportunity to thank all who were involved in the making and success of this event.

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