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Above all else, the wellbeing of our students is paramount and at Saint Kentigern Senior College, you can expect the very best care for your child.

Tutor Groups

Pastoral Care in our Senior College is based around our Tutor Groups with an average of 14 students per group. These groups are single gender and meet once every morning and again prior to lunch three days a week. On another two days, they go to Chapel or Senior College Assembly as a group. 

Where possible, the students have the same tutor from Years 9 to 13, so each student has a ‘significant adult’ in their College life who gets to know them extremely well over five years.

As part of the half-hour meeting slots each week, students engage with guest speakers or discuss current issues relevant to them. There is also an opportunity to talk about their academic progress, co-curricular and service activities, time management and wellbeing issues relevant to teenagers. 

For us, it is all about relationships. Every teacher at the College is a Tutor and, as such, they form a strong relationship with their tutor group, and their parents, whether that be by email, text, phone or in person.

In the Senior College, we talk about being a family within a family. Our smallest family is the tutor group. Every tutor group belongs to one of six Houses. Each House has two adult Heads of House, one in the Middle College and one in the Senior College. These teachers have proven themselves as outstanding Tutors with a real passion for the pastoral care of our students. Chapels are held in House Groups once a week as well as once a term at 7pm on a Sunday.

The next family each student belongs to is either the Middle College or Senior College. Each College meets together once a week for an Assembly to celebrate achievements and for the Heads of each College and students to give clear messages, reports and news relevant to each age group.

The largest family each student belongs to is the College and we have regular full College Assembly to commend students, teams and groups and promote upcoming events.


Our Pastoral Care Team

Our Pastoral Care Team includes our Middle and Senior College Deputy Principals Heads of House, Head of International Students, Guidance Counsellors, Chaplain, Nurse, Head of Student Futures (Careers), Head of Student Academic Development and Director of Boarding.

Guidance Department

Research strongly associates levels of wellbeing with our capacity for learning. The Guidance Department at Saint Kentigern is committed to educating the whole person, thereby supporting their experience towards improved levels of achievement and greater satisfaction in their lives.

The Guidance team, consisting of the Head of Guidance, counselling psychologist, and clinical psychologist, are available for students primarily during school hours. Where necessary, we take a family approach and involve parents. 



Clinical Pyschologist

Dr Ele Porteous completed her Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at the University of Auckland and is registered with the New Zealand Psychologists Board in the Clinical scope of practice. 

She works closely with the Head of Guidance Richard Tucker, specialising in supporting those students who may have mental health concerns and high levels of distress. Her therapeutic work is informed by an in-depth understanding of both Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).