We recognise that good childhood nutrition has a lasting effect on many aspects of long term health. 


Children need fresh, nutritional food and well-balanced meals.

We have a cook who provides morning tea, a substantial cooked lunch and afternoon tea.

The weekly menu is always placed on the notice board so parents know what their child has eaten each day. All meals provided are prepared on site by our cook.

All three year old children are offered the opportunity to have a special time to relax or rest during the day; it enables them to gather their thoughts and strength for the rest of the day.

It is our policy that if a child falls asleep, they are in need of a rest and will not be woken unless parents have requested otherwise.

Some children may not need sleep but quiet activities will be available for selection.

Times of sleep are recorded for parents’ information. Suitable bedding Is provided and parents are welcome to send a ‘special’ toy for their child at sleep time.

Staff remain in the sleep room with the children while they are sleeping.