Flexible group times are organised in order for staff to be aware of the developmental level of each child and to ensure that all their individual needs are being met while at Preschool.

Each child is in a small group of children with one teacher for a term (8-10 weeks). It is the staff member’s responsibility to ensure that they are aware of each child’s level of ability or need, and to work on each developmental need such as cognition, language, physical skills, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, social and emotional skills, self-help skills and music.

This is done through specific and impromptu planning by staff to focus on a different area or skill, for example, scissor skills, hopping or jumping, musical instruments, parts of their body and other skills as identified.

Each child works at their own level with encouragement and extension from their teacher.

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At the end of the term, a ‘Developmental Form’ is written up by their group teacher, prepared in line with our Early Childhood curriculum, Te Whariki. These reports are changed regularly to keep staff and children fresh with ideas. A copy is kept in each child’s portfolio, which parents are welcome to view at any time.

Each child’s individual portfolio has a collection of reports: a child’s voice, a teacher’s voice, photographs, Curriculum Learning Outcomes and Plans, artwork, special events and excursions out of Preschool, fantastic learning stories – with photos of the events and many other special mementos of their Preschool days.

Staff spend a considerable length of time and effort with each child’s portfolio to ensure that families have a fantastic keepsake once the children leave our Preschool for school.