From time to time we arrange excursions out of the Preschool as part of your child’s experience.

These are varied each year and may include a trip to the zoo, a musical show, Stardome, the museum, or other venues, occasions and opportunities as they arise that relate to our learning and programme.

Whatever the destination, these always cause great excitement for the children and provide many new learning opportunities - for some, it may be their first time on a bus!

Parents and family members are encouraged to be part of the outing to support the staff in the care of the children away from the centre. 

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Due to the popularity of these trips, for adult help we aim to give everyone an opportunity by offering adult spaces to different families each trip.

These are a positive learning experience and occur regularly on varying days throughout the year to ensure all children who attend will benefit with these opportunities during their time at Preschool.

We are also included in events at the campuses of our Saint Kentigern Schools such as Celtic Day, Flora McDonald Day, cross country, the Arts Festival, school musicals, athletics day, swimming sports, Chapel services and Carol services at Christmas.

These are entered into with great enthusiasm by staff, parents and children alike and foster a great sense of belonging in the one organisation of Saint Kentigern.