Our teaching and learning programmes are challenging, exciting and varied, preparing our children for an ever-changing world.

Centres of Interest

Centres of Interest and projects form a large part of our programme. These are designed through child initiative and interest, National Interest (such as NZ Maori Language Week, NZ Sign Language, Olympic games), parental ideas and feedback, and individual children’s developmental needs from staff observations.

Planning and Learning Outcomes are developed for each plan and displayed for parents with children’s feedback and staff evaluations documented for future use. These are also included in the children’s portfolios to reinforce the link between Preschool and home.

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Swim School

Saint Kentigern Preschool provides the opportunity for children to have extra curricular swimming lessons during Term 1 and Term 4 – using the heated pool at Saint Kentigern Girls’ School. Children have the opportunity to swim once or twice a week on the days they are enrolled at Preschool.

Preschool staff are responsible for dressing/undressing the children and remain with them at the pool during their lesson. A fully qualified swim teacher has two children per session which ensures a quality, personalised learning experience – and provides a fantastic service to parents.


Click here to watch the 'Swimming Lessons' video


A weekly lesson of French is offered at Preschool. The focus each week complements our learning programme at Preschool with the children learning new words and consolidating those already learnt.

Greetings, names for family members, numbers, colours, commonly used words and songs in French are quickly learnt by the children.

The learning of a language new to children in their Preschool years gives them an appreciation of their ability to learn – and gives them a base for the continuation of French as they start at our Saint Kentigern Schools where French is taught from Junior classes.