Sophie Yan, Girls’ School Talented Art Student

August 15, 2018 at 2:59 PM

From the time Sophie started at the Girls’ School in Year 1, she showed a natural talent, enthusiasm and excitement for the visual arts. In addition to her curriculum art lessons, she decided to further her skills through extra lessons at school and during the holiday breaks. Such was her passion that she has attended more than 40 art workshops at school.

Art Specialist Diana Roband, spoke extensively about what makes Sophie an outstanding artist. Mrs Roband commented that it is essential for good artists to have an “eye for detail, creative ideas, a willingness to persevere in order to achieve a high standard, and an understanding of how the final art work will look”. Sophie has understood and put into practise these key points and seeks further information to improve her work from art resources. Sophie was the recipient of the Visual Arts Cup in 2016 and has been awarded the Art Scholarship for 2019. She demonstrates talent across a range of disciplines.

The Visual Arts Academy is offered to all students. It operates after school and in the school holidays, providing students with an opportunity to develop creativity and hone their art skills using a variety of media.

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