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More than just drawing

27 July 2022

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How do we communicate if we don’t use spoken words?

25 July 2022

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Picnic with Kent

21 July 2022

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Mothers hold a special place in our hearts

11 July 2022

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Nurturing a sense of responsibility for our belonging

27 April 2022

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Instilling the love for reading through peer learning and mentorship

14 April 2022

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Music workshop with the talented Dr Rodger Fox

12 April 2022

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Diving into the wonders of the sea

06 April 2022

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Meet Kent the Bear

29 March 2022

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A Rainbow in our Garden

15 March 2022

As teachers, we have always used the environment as the third teacher. We are extremely fortunate to have such a beautiful space outdoors, so this ...

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A tale of a whale

25 February 2022

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Diwali Celebrations at Preschool

08 November 2021

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