The concept of traditional classroom education has changed radically within the last few years. With the rise of the internet and technology, physically being in a classroom is not the only option anymore.

Proven during the Covid-19 Lockdown, the Girls’ School can deliver a Distance Learning Programme, maintaining the highest standards of teaching and learning and personalised pastoral care of all students. In fact lockdown did not stop one Year 6 student improving on past e-ASTTLE results to now be reading at Year 11 standard.


When necessary the programme is implemented as follows;

  • Teachers work to ensure the transition from working at school to home is seamless, to meet the expectations of the community.

  • A key focus is making sure that, each individual student’s needs are met.

  • Teachers use a variety of platforms to set enriching tasks for the students and give real-time feedback. Both students and staff are able to interact with one another as they do in class, minus the physical aspect, of course.   

  • The timetables for the students are consistent and follow the standard school structure for Junior, Middle and Senior classes, including the usual specialist classes such as Science, Languages, Speech and Drama, Food Technology, Music, STEAM, Unique Pathways and Learning Support.

  • Students meet online at 8.15 am for 15minutes of tutor time with their teachers. Teachers use this time to check in on the girls’ wellbeing, call the roll, set the tasks for the day, ask and answer any questions, and sometimes run fun and engaging activities. Tutor time sets the tone for the day and ensures the girls know what is expected of them between 8.30 am and 3.30 pm.
  • Throughout the day, there is teacher instruction, modelling, set tasks and video conferencing in both group and whole-class settings. Time is also set aside for clarification of work, and independent tasks.

  • There is a mixture of synchronous (live lessons) and asynchronous (pre-recorded lessons) teaching and the Junior School runs an ‘Opt-in and Opt-out’ timetable to make it easier for parents.

  • Chapel is always an important part of the girls’ daily routine. Reverend Hardie sets home challenges and service activities each day, reinforcing the Saint Kentigern Values of Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence and Love. 
  • Across all Saint Kentigern, parents, staff, and students have access to OLE, our Online Learning Environment. OLE is a space where students and teachers can interact digitally with one another, see news updates, and set and receive tasks. This makes the transition to working from home seamless as the community is already familiar with it.

  • Another platform used regularly is OneNote (our virtual exercise book). OneNote provides a platform for the students to complete their work digitally and receive real-time feedback – digital combined with oral feedback makes for very effective online learning.

  • MS Teams is used for morning meetings and live learning. Kentigern ICT team assist them by accessing their laptops remotely.  

The Girls’ School Distance Learning Programme mirrors the exceptional standard of classroom teaching and learning. The girls are not disadvantaged, they are now digitally focused, and our community has utmost belief that the distance learning programme will deliver world class learning outcomes.