'We are about to embark on a campaign to develop 'centres of excellence' to build the minds and futures of our young men.'

Peter Cassie
Principal, Saint Kentigern Boys' School

Members of the Saint Kentigern community have always supported development at our School, and established a tradition of philanthropy which we are asking you to continue.

Creation of our centres of excellence will be principally funded by the Saint Kentigern Trust Board. We are seeking from our community to raise a total of $2.5 million to equip these centres to an exceptionally high standard. Our goal is for all of the members of our school community to be a part of this campaign’s success.
We are offering a range of opportunities for donor recognition within our new facilities. Contributions can be spread over a period of up to three years and may be eligible for tax deductions.
Your contribution to the “Building Minds, Building Futures” campaign will leave an invaluable legacy for future generations of Saint Kentigern boys. Regular updates on the progress of the project will be published for your interest.


Our boys have the potential to create futures beyond our wildest dreams.

As technology increases at an explosive pace, the face of education is changing too.
We must equip our students with the core essentials of education and provide them with the tools to think creatively, explore possibilities and take risks with their learning.
At Saint Kentigern, our duty is to provide powerful foundations that will build the minds and futures of our young men.


The Evolution of Roselle House


Originally housing the library and classrooms for our foundation pupils, this new development allows the boys to return to Roselle House.

Our aim is to restore the building, preserving our heritage while modernising it to reflect the demands of modern education.

The Learning Commons planned for the first floor will be a space where the boys can investigate, create, collaborate, experiment and discover.

Learning will take place in flexible, technology-rich spaces, a library and multi-media room.


Our New Science Centre


The Science Centre will be an exciting environment in which the boys will learn research skills and experience the enjoyment of exploring new ideas.

The complex will feature two purpose-built science laboratories, a media-rich presentation room and flexible learning spaces for robotics, electronics, engineering and computer coding.


'This important step in our future recognises the efforts of those who have gone before you, and will create a legacy for the School of which we can all be proud.

We thank you in advance for your support.'

Greg Horton
Chairman, Roselle Foundation