The talents of our Middle School students are showcased in two major theatrical productions each year; a musical for students in Years 7 to 10, and the highly anticipated Wearable Arts Show, which provides an opportunity for Middle School Dancers to perform, as well highlighting the creative and fashion design skills of our students. 

Our Middle School productions are renowned for their consistently high levels of performance, music and stagecraft, and are enjoyed by families from our community and beyond.


Middle College Wearable Arts Show 2019

Saint Kentigern’s own ‘fashionistas’ stepped out on the catwalk for a spectacular show, as students in Years 7-10 confidently ‘strutted their stuff’ in in a range of ‘wearable art’ garments they had designed and constructed themselves.  With over 60 costumes on show and each section introduced by a dance group, there were close to 200 Middle College students involved, with support from choreographers and dancers in Year 11. With generous prizes on offer across five categories, excitement was high, ticket sales were brisk and there wasn’t a spare seat in the house as an audience of almost 700 family members turned up in support!

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
2019 Production

There are probably not many people who realise that the much-loved family film of the 1960’s, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, was actually based on a children’s story by Ian Fleming of James Bond fame! With a villain, an attractive companion and a flying car with all the bells and whistles, this year’s Middle College production had all the hall marks of a good spy story! The show flew onto the Saint Kentigern stage with as much infectious energy as its title song, delivering a joyous musical experience for young and old alike. 

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The Little Mermaid
2018 Production

Based on one of Hans Christian Anderson’s most beloved stories, it’s hard to believe in 2018 that the story of The Little Mermaid who was willing to give up her life in the sea, so she could win the heart of a human prince, was actually written in 1837!

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Peter Pan
2017 Production

‘Neverland. Wendy, John and Michael. The ticking crocodile. Captain Hook. Peter Pan. Tinkerbell. 
Do you believe in fairies?’

Well over a century since Peter Pan first delighted audiences in Edwardian England, the familiarity of these names and phrases is testament to the magic of J.M. Barrie’s creation – a story with the power to set imagination alight in children and adults alike; a story, like its namesake, that never grows old. 

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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
2016 Production

One of the happiest musicals to be brought to the Saint Kentigern stage, the Middle School production of ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ was a fantastic combination of light, sound and sheer energy from a cast, choir, orchestra and crew that  involved over 100 students, mainly from Years 9 and 10.

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Little Shop of Horrors
2015 Production

'Little Shop of Horrors' is one of the longest-running Off-Broadway shows of all time. This affectionate spoof of 1950s sci-fi horror movies has become a popular choice for theatre groups, thanks to the highly successful Hollywood film. In a novel twist, the 2015 Saint Kentigern Middle School production featured twin brother and sister, Molly and Harrison Griffiths, playing opposite each other in the lead roles!

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2014 Production

‘Please sir, I want some more!’

The story behind this year’s Middle School production is a familiar one - young Oliver, after escaping the workhouse, is befriended by the Artful Dodger and subsequently introduced to the criminal underbelly of Victorian London. The story remains true to its Dickensian roots, illuminating the hardships suffered by the working class of the time, yet as a musical, it unfolds as a heart-warming spectacle.

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