A World of Opportunity for Boys and Girls

As New Zealand’s largest co-educational, Independent Church Schools group, Saint Kentigern is proud of its strong Scottish, Presbyterian heritage. Never wavering from its founding Mission, to provide an education that ‘inspires students to strive for excellence in all areas of life for the glory of God and the service of others,’ the Trust continues to deliver excellence in education for boys and girls from age 3 to 18 years old, at three schools and a preschool on three separate campuses in Auckland. 

Head of Saint Kentigern - David Hodge
M.A (Honours), M.Ed (Honours)


I have a passion to see the highest quality teaching and learning opportunities delivered to all our students from the youngest preschooler, through to our primary girls and boys, and on to college graduation. My role as the Head of Saint Kentigern is to support and coordinate leadership for all Saint Kentigern schools and their outstanding teaching teams. Leadership at Saint Kentigern has service to others at its heart and I value the opportunity to foster the purpose and values for which the Trust stands.

Our tradition demands a total commitment to the values of the faith; it asks that these be lived every day through all our actions. We ask that our students work hard and aim for excellence in all that they do, fulfilling our Vision that our ‘Graduates will serve and lead with distinction.’

The Presbyterian tradition that we follow is the one that led the world in universal scholarship for over 300 years and we continue to place great value on academic excellence. From Preschool to Senior College, we ensure that students gain all the important knowledge and skills to thrive. Alongside this, we also encourage students of all ages to take advantage of Saint Kentigern’s ‘World of Opportunity’ to discover new and diverse experiences that broaden their lives. We have the highest expectations of what our students can achieve but never at the expense of their overall wellbeing. Our pastoral care system is second to none as we guide our students through their schooling.

The importance of service to others is an essential part of a Saint Kentigern education. This is not only encouraged through the many organised service projects at each school, but is also integrated in the daily fabric of school life. The development of each child’s character is built around this purpose. So, while we seek to understand and develop our students’ talents, we also educate young people to see themselves as an intrinsic part of the society in which they live.

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We encourage future leaders by developing character and emotional intelligence through the values of respect, integrity, service, excellence and love. These are expressed in all that we do and are the essence from which academic, artistic and athletic talents can shine.

At Saint Kentigern, we invite participation in all aspects of school life. We aspire to develop well rounded individuals who are multi-talented. Alongside the wide range of curriculum subjects, our schools offer extensive cultural and performing arts opportunities, and encourage every student to play a sport.

Saint Kentigern is built on tradition but it looks to the future. We aim to inspire our young people to go out and make a positive difference to the world as they ‘strive for excellence in all areas of life for the glory of God and the service of others.’