Wishart Win College Cross Country

May 12, 2014 at 10:16 AM

A huge turnout of long distance runners across eleven year group categories were all trained, prepped and warmed up for the annual cross country held at the College this week. All vying for their personal best time and placing, the students were also eager to earn valuable House points for their teams.

We were pleased to welcome the Year 7 & 8 girls from the Girls’ School to take part in the event, and the many family and friends who joined us on the side lines in support of the competitors.

In a day of mixed weather, the age groups all set off from the start line to complete their assigned number of loops around the field track. Pacing themselves for the flat, hills and distance, once on the home straight, many runners managed to find it in their energy reserves to sprint the final leg. This made for a last burst of fierce competition between houses!

In the senior boys event, the first two laps around the 6 km course saw the three strongest runners, Liam Ward, Ayden Lamont and Mathew McCullough each holding their own as they ran in a tight pack. However, in the final lap Liam managed to break ahead to gain a valuable distance advantage to cross the finish line as the 2014 senior boys cross country champion, followed by Ayden in 2nd place and Mathew finishing in 3rd.

In the senior girls race, the place getters were well established not long after the starting gun had signalled. Winning champion, Isabella Richards was quick to secure her considerable lead, as 2nd place winner Grace Wood and 3rd place winner Madeline Evans fell in behind to settle into their respective placements around the 4km track.

Well done to all runners who participated on the day and congratulations to all our winners.

2014 Cross Country Results





Year 7 Boys

Tom Downs CH

Campbell Jordan CH

Christopher Manning WI

Year 7 Girls

Elizabeth Lightfoot HA

Emma Hannan CH

Alexandra Collinson CH

Year 8 Boys

Benjamin Lowe HA

Benjamin Shepherd HA

James Archibald HA

Year 8 Girls

Annabelle Waterworth CA

Olivia Montgomery CH

Olivia Overfield CH

Junior Boys

Michael Wood CA

George Ellett CA

Dylan McCullough HA

Junior Girls

Claire Johnston WI

Kenya Ashcroft HA

Caitlyn Hollis CA

Intermediate Boys

Matthew Manning WI

Cameron Low WI

Caleb Aoake HA

Intermediate Girls

Hannah Ward WI

Melissa McNaughtan WI

Katherine Chang HA

Senior Boys

Liam Ward CA

Ayden Lamont WI

Mathew McCullough HA

Senior Girls

Isabella Richards CA


Grace Wood CA


Madeline Evans CA


1 Wishart

2 Chalmers

3 Hamilton

4 Cargill





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