Wishart Win Again!

March 03, 2017 at 11:33 AM

For the fifth year in succession, Wishart have achieved a head start in the term, claiming victory at the Girls’ School Swimming Sports. The day got off to a great start, beginning with the Year 1-3 students. For a beginner, the full length of the pool is a long way to go, but the Juniors put all their energy into it and gave it their best shot. The seniors did a fantastic job assisting the juniors in the pool when they needed it, cheering and encouraging them along the way.

The Middle and Senior School finalists stepped up to the mark in the afternoon, beginning with the 100m freestyle. As the starter beep sounded, the girls dived into the water, the non-swimmers lining the pool shouted their House chants and cheered on their House representatives. Next was backstroke and breaststroke followed by butterfly – what an impressive display of skills across all swimming styles. It was great to see the girls dressing up in all sorts of costumes representing their Houses with pride. Wishart House leaders even started a Conga Line all the way around the pool during one of the swimming breaks. Well done girls on your amazing House spirit. 

Congratulations to all swimmers, age-group champions and Wishart for holding onto their title at the first house event for the year.


Overall Champions




Year 8

Eva Colyer CA

Kate Frazer CA

Isabel Li WI 

Year 7

Olivia Rooney HA

Zara Nelson WI

Grace Gilbert WI

Year 6

Alexandra Campion CH

Frances Revell-Devlin WI         

Alex Lamb WI         

Year 5

Sienna Hirst CH

Katie Donaldson CA

Priscilla Zhong CH and Sienna Haar WI

Year 4

Emma Scholtz HA

Ella Taylor CA
Sophie Grant CH
Amy Hilliam HA


Year 3

Brooke Rowntree CA
Sienna Robertshaw CH


Charlotte Albrecht HA 

Year 2

Violet Lindsay-Smail CH

Daniella Gillard CA

Phoebe Wakelin CH and Olivia Lidstone CA


Year 1

Kasey Wray HA

Maggie Griffins CH

Sadie Fitness CA

Isabel Horne HA

















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