Top Science Score in NZ for Nathan

September 14, 2015 at 6:43 AM

Congratulations to Nathan Bailey who has achieved the top Year 7 score in the country for the New Zealand and Pacific International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Science Test! This is the second time that Nathan has reached this pinnacle, having also been awarded the medal when he was in Year 5!

ICAS, commonly referred to as the University of New South Wales competitions, is conducted annually in Australia and over 20 countries globally. These are independent skills-based assessments and school tests for primary and secondary school students in Computer Skills, English, Maths, Science, Spelling and Writing.

In the competition, Nathan's science skills were assessed in key scientific areas of observing and measuring; interpreting; predicting and concluding; investigating; reasoning and problem solving.

Nathan's top score achievement qualifies him for a medal from the University of New South Wales along with a medal winner's certificate which he will receive at a presentation ceremony later in the year.

High Distinction is awarded to students in the top 1% of the country, and Distinction is the next 11% of candidates.


High Distinction
Year 7: Nathan Bailey
Year 8: Hugo Du Temple, Xavier Yin

Year 4: Ethan Knox
Year 5: Gabrielle Lee
Year 6: Alexander Dennis, Benjamin Poole, Nicholas Bigio, Ivan Ivanov
Year 7: Charlie Glass, Thomas Cranefield, William Dalziel, Lachlan Dunwoodie, Marcus Findlow, Kevin He, William King, Jonathan Lau, Ethan Po, Benjamin Ross
Year 8: James Harnett, Lachlan Marshall, George Barry, Oliver Mitchell, Johnnie Hussona, Jack Melhuish

High Distinction
Year 7: James Pilcher
Year 8: James Harnett, Oliver Mitchell, Xavier Yin

Year 4: Ryan Cheeseman, Luca Roberton
Year 5: Jamie Hilliam, Gabriel Lee, Matthew Morris
Year 6: Cameron Adams, Oliver Avis, Jonathan Benjamin, Oscar Cottrell, Alexander Dennis, Ben Graham, Ivan Ivanov, Campbell Joyce, Asher Matheson, William Tisdall
Year 7: Matthew Chandler, Thomas Cranefield, William Dalziel, Marcus Findlow, Jack George, Jonathon Lau, Zachary Lerner, Isaac Mellis Glynn, Ethan Po, Benjamin Ross, Nicholas Russell
Year 8: Anthony Gu, Hayden Joyce, Fintan Wong

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