Top Results for College at NIWA Science Fair

August 21, 2015 at 10:29 AM

Year 7 students from the College have been recognised for their outstanding work at the Manukau regional final of the NIWA Science Fair. Five students were selected to represent the College following on from their in-school competition. The Manukau final pits students from intermediate and secondary schools in Manukau, Eastern suburbs, Papakura and Counties against one another in a number of categories.


Danielle Mayer was awarded first place in the Consumer Science category. Her project was an inquiry into the make-up of various margarine products. She examined which brands have the highest water content, and the difference between the regular and lite versions within each brand. The results were in line with her hypothesis, which was that lite versions had a higher percentage of water content, some more than 50 per cent. Danielle also received the Special Prize for the Best year 7 Innovation, Invention or Investigation as well as the Eric Clague Kiwanis Award. In total Danielle won $1000 in prize money. 

Xanfira Goulder-Chisholm took out third place in the Consumer Science division for her research into hair conditioners. She built an apparatus which tested the friction on a length of hair as it passed through a comb after having a range of conditioners applied. Her results disproved her hypothesis that a coconut oil product would work best, based on it being a natural substance.

Samiya Patel was highly commended in Consumer Science for her research into the best method for reducing plaque on teeth. Emma Jorgensen was highly commended in the Physical and Material World section for her experiment to determine which foods she should be eating to get the most vitamin C into her system.

The judges, who are experts in each of the different categories, were looking for thoroughness, technical skill, presentation, originality and a high level of scientific thought and understanding.

Congratulations girls for your impressive projects and great results! 

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