Sophia Noble - Research Scientist

September 10, 2021 at 9:13 AM

As a student at Saint Kentigern, my favourite subject was biology and throughout high school and then onto university, my passion for biology intensified. On graduating from College, I received a Saint Kentigern Scholarship and a Victoria Excellence Scholarship and moved to Wellington to study at Victoria University of Wellington. I undertook a Bachelor of Science, double major in Biology and Psychology. While studying, I also worked as a tutor. During my first year at university, I tutored high school students and in the later years of my degree, I tutored younger university students.

Over the course of my degree, I learned about the biology of cancer and became aware of the critical need to better understand cancer biology in order to develop improved therapies. As a consequence, I went on to do a Bachelor of Science with Honours, majoring in Cell and Molecular Bioscience. For my research project, I conducted laboratory research on breast cancer metastasis. I carried out experiments to test the effectiveness of novel drugs to inhibit the migration and invasion of breast cancer cells. I graduated with a First Class Honours degree.

On completing my studies, I was offered a job as a Research Assistant at Victoria University of Wellington to continue doing breast cancer research, a position I currently hold. In addition to working at Victoria University, I am also working at the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research. At the Malaghan Institute I work as a Research Officer in the Cancer Immunotherapy Group, conducting research to develop and improve vaccines for cancer. My next step will be to undertake a PhD, with the long-term aim being to focus my career doing cancer research.

My parents and Saint Kentigern ingrained in me a dedication to the service of others, so outside of work I like to spend time engaged in volunteer activities. I currently volunteer for the Department of Conservation, Sustainability Trust, and Boomerang Bags Wellington. I am driven to contribute to conservation efforts and promote sustainable living, and I am a strong supporter of animal welfare.

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