Market Day Supports Westpac Helicopter

August 16, 2017 at 11:57 AM

The Girls’ School students put their entrepreneurial hats on this week as each classroom set up their Market Day stalls, selling a wide range handmade products and food to raise money for the Westpac Helicopter. As the lunchtime bell rang, crowds of students armed with their ‘SK Dollars’ packed out the school hall to see how many goodies they could obtain. A completely student-led initiative, the Market Day was organised by Student Council leader, Sharmaine Tapling and her team.

With a goal of raising $500, the girls exceeded expectations by raising a total of $2,292.90. The Council chose Westpac Helicopter as they not only help adults, but also children. Sharmaine said, ‘My family and I regularly watch Code 1 on television and I was very surprised at the amount of effort the Westpac helicopter put into each rescue, especially the tricky places they have to land.’

In the lead up to the day, the Student Council put out a call for the girls to submit designs for a ‘SK Dollar’ with only two requirements – it had to say ‘1 dollar’ and had to represent Saint Kentigern in many ways. Sharmaine said, ‘We decided to do the SK Dollar because it would replace real money on the day. The students would exchange their real money for the equivalent of ‘SK Dollars’, which made it easier to not have to give change, especially for the Junior students.  It was also a great opportunity for the girls to design something and use their creativity.’

The winning design was submitted by Year 6 student, Xarya Knox who included the Saint Kentigern Houses and crest, Principal Ms Juliet Small’s photo, a tartan pattern, along with the Saint Kentigern motto ‘Fides Servanda Est – The faith must be kept.’ The Council thought these were core representations of the School.

From delicious sweet treats, to ‘Old Things in Good Shape’ and 200 handcrafted bows, the Market Day was a great success. It taught the girls a thing or two about being entrepreneurs, while having a service aspect and giving back to their community. Sharmaine said, ‘The Council thoroughly enjoyed watching the juniors walking around very proud of what they had just bought, with massive smiles on their faces. We also enjoyed talking to the different classes and seeing how excited they were to sell their product and how organised they were on the actual day.’

Well done to the Student Council for their outstanding effort in organising the day and to the rest of the students, parents and staff for their support and donations, the money is going towards such an important cause!


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