The Magic of Storytelling

June 07, 2019 at 12:03 PM

‘We need more engaged students, therefore, we need books that excite them — books that spark emotion, imagination, critical thinking, curiosity and creativity. Getting students interested in reading is my passion!
Jill Eggleton.

Our Year 1 boys were a picture of concentration this week as they listened to internationally acclaimed literacy consultant and children’s author, Jill Eggleton QSO, tell them a tale or two in her own inimitable style. 

With a lifetime of primary teaching experience, Jill has written in excess of 1000 books for children with sales of millions of copies worldwide, as well as writing books and providing training courses on literacy for teachers. She has made an outstanding contribution to New Zealand children's literature and literacy over the last 35 years and has been recognised with the Companion of the Queen’s Service Order (QSO) for her services to education and literacy.

Our boys in Year 1 are well familiar with Jill’s books and were excited to meet the author in person. Bubbly, lively, questioning 6-year-old boys, quickly settled to quiet, respectful, engrossed young boys as Jill began to read, adding inflection to all her characters to bring the stories alive. Jill’s books are also supplemented by fabulous illustrations to appeal to young readers – the boys loved listening! 

Jill went on to illustrate, in the way that oral history has passed down through the ages, that a good story can be told, and engage listeners, without the prop of a book. She spun a yarn from her own childhood on a farm about a field full of bulls who ‘see red,’ and her new red shoes which inadvertently ended up being cooked in the oven! This prompted a lively session where one question led Jill to facilitate the boys asking and answering questions amongst themselves with their ideas becoming more imaginative by the minute! 

The boys’ focus in class is currently on developing their own storylines to become great authors themselves. Jill left the class with a tip. You need to decide your ending before you start your book. Knowing how your story will end, will help you craft the passages in between! 

We sincerely thank Jill for spending time with our boys. Maybe one day, some of them will be great authors too!


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