‘Leaf’ Your Computer Alone

September 28, 2021 at 12:30 PM

With thanks to Technology Teacher, Ms Patsy Hindson 

The Girls’ School Year 8 Soft Materials classes began Term 3 aiming for the girls to develop embroidery skills by hand stitching a felt pin cushion. They had barely started their sampler piece when we went straight into lockdown, with no chance to take home materials to complete their project.   

After a quick online survey, it was established that all students had needles and cotton at home, and it was decided that they would continue with their hand sewing but, with a slight twist. The medium to hold their embroidery designs would be something that everyone had access to - ‘leaves!’

With so much time spent online during lockdown and distance learning, this unit was named ‘Leaf your computer alone’ and was aimed at giving the girls some time away from their screens while providing them with a project where they could master new skills.  

The girls found out quickly that you had to sew carefully as some of the leaves are brittle and tear more easily than others.  They completed a sampler leaf as they learned backstitching, slip stitching, and blanket stitching. Then the girls had to sew some written words. They stitched a range of positive words of wisdom on their leaves such as ‘Keep Calm and Isolate’ and ‘Live, Love and Smile’. By week 7, the girls had become pretty good at stitching and their designs became more creative. A koala holding a branch, lady birds, bunnies, bumble bees, caterpillars, and butterflies started to appear.  

This fabulous unit with some stunning results – and gave the girls time away from their screens. They are planning to put their projects into a small exhibition along with the Art Department next term. We’ll look forward to seeing them for real.

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