Keep Washing Your Hands!

September 14, 2020 at 10:49 AM

At this time of heightened sanitation, what better way to encourage the use of soap to wash your hands than making your own!

During this period in Alert Level 2.5 Girls’ School Science Teacher, Mrs Francis had noticed that the habit of washing hands was beginning to wane and decided that a pertinent reminder would be for the girls to own their own ‘homemade’ soap.  Continuing on from earlier practical work using science equipment in the lab, the Year 7 students conducted a melt, pour, cool and freeze experiment using a soap mixture. 

The chosen experiment contained practical elements that challenged the girls’ understanding of following a method, conducting practical work safely and observing and taking note of changes during heating and cooling. It also allowed a level of creativity – and was enjoyable for all!

During the ‘melt and pour’ process, the students could choose their variations of colour, scent, texture and vary the style of the melting process to produce soaps with layering or marbling.

The Girls’ School has completed this practical as part of their annual Flora McDonald Day in the past and knowing its success then, Ms Francis knew it would be a practical activity that students would enjoy. But most importantly, it served as a great reminder of the importance of regularly washing hands with soap and water as New Zealand continues to try and beat Covid-19.

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