House Athletics Relays

November 21, 2017 at 6:27 PM

In a blaze of summer sunshine, the Girls’ School joined the Boys’ School at Shore Road for the annual House Relay event yesterday. Yellow, red, blue and green House shirts cut a swathe of colour across the top field as the runners got ready to race! 

Each year groupfielded a team of runners, whilst the rest of the boys and girls, joined by many parents, sat on the bank cheering on their House representatives. It’s well known that Reverend Hardie likes to ‘boogie’ at the School House events and he kept the music and moves alive between races! House chants rang out, the cheering was loud and the runners were fast! 

Whilst Hamilton took the top honours for the Girls’ School by only three points, Wishart stormed ahead at the Boys’ School with a 24 point lead. All in all it was fantastic finish to the athletics season. Well done to all our runners – including the game parents who picked up the baton to compete!

1st          Wishart              133 points
2nd        Cargill                  109 points
3rd         Chalmers            91 points
4th         Hamilton            85 points

1st         Hamilton             64 points
2nd        Cargill                  61 points
3rd         Chalmers             55 points
4th         Wishart               40 points


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