Hamilton Takes the Girls' School Cross Country Crown

July 08, 2024 at 9:23 AM

This year’s Cross Country event was held across two days, with the Year 0-2 students running on the Martyn Wilson Fields and the Year 3-8 students racing at the College. Each age group completed two laps of their respective tracks, allowing them to gauge their remaining energy for a strong finish on the second lap.

Our young runners in Year 0-2 had a fantastic time navigating their course around the fields, some for their first effort ever at a lengthy run. The Year 3-8 students faced their challenge head-on, showcasing determination and grit as they delivered some outstanding performances at the College.

Hamilton House emerged victorious this year, securing the most points through strong participation and top-ten finishes. Congratulations to all our runners for their efforts, and a special thank you to our family members who came out to support and cheer for their children.

House Rankings:

  1. Hamilton
  2. Wishart
  3. Cargill
  4. Chalmers

Year 0

  1. Willow Swan
  2. Charlotte Bird
  3. Athena Stirling

Year 1

  1. Summer Rowe
  2. Angela Liu
  3. Eliza Campbell

Year 2

  1. Angie Nong
  2. Jianing Shen
  3. Selene Xue

Year 3

  1. Lola Seton
  2. Victoria Kirwan
  3. Mei Holy

Year 4

  1. Adeline Scott
  2. Elly Chiu
  3. Harriet Perry

Year 5

  1. Evie Reynolds
  2. Ashley Wang
  3. Emilie Gallaugher

Year 6

  1. Christine Cooney
  2. Immie Whitwell
  3. Charlotte McGuinness

Year 7

  1. Olivia Moule
  2. Alyssa Dempsey
  3. Layla Tuala-Glassie

Year 8

  1. Farrah Palmer
  2. Ely Lenton
  3. Isla Deeney
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