Great Success at National Schools Cycling Championships

October 11, 2018 at 3:15 PM

After 50 years of racing in Palmerston North, the venue for this year’s Cycling Nationals was Christchurch. Twenty-nine cyclists travelled down for three days of intense racing, with each cyclist putting months of training to the test at national level. 

The highlight of day one was a win by the Junior Girls A team who posted a time over 20 seconds faster than the team following in second place.  Saint Kentigern also struck gold the following day in the Road Race where Ruby Spring (Year 7&8) and Jensen Foster (U17) posted dominant wins to earn gold medals. Emma Hannan (U16) and Callum Walsh (U20) both took bronze in their respective categories. Day 3 began with Ruby Spring repeating her victory from the day before, this time in the Points Race. Sacha McLeod (U16) and Sophie De Vries (U15) both took silver medals. 

National Championship Top 5 Results
Individual Results
U14 Girls Ruby Spring                                                      1st Road Race, 1st Points Race
U15 Girls Sophie De Vries                                               2nd Points Race
U16 Girls Sacha McLeod                                                 2nd Points Race
U16 Girls Emma Hannan                                                 3rd Road Race
U16 Boys Jacob Spring                                                    5th Points Race
U17 Boys Jensen Foster                                                  1st Road Race, 5th Points Race
U20 Boys Callum Walsh                                                   3rd Road Race
U20 Girls Annabelle Waterworth                                      4th Road Race

Team Results
U16 Girls Junior A Team                                                 1st Team Time Trial
Sacha McLeod, Emma Hannan, Sophie Spencer, Sophie De Vries

Year 7&8 Team                                                                 5th Team Time Trial
Ruby Spring, Eden Clarke, Harry Hannan

U20 Boys Senior A Team                                                5th Team Time Trial
Callum Walsh, Jacob Hannan, Jensen Foster, Ryan Church, Zac Cantell-Roberts


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