College Welcomes Sunnyhills Primary School

September 15, 2014 at 1:49 PM

This morning the College welcomed four Year 6 classes from Sunnyhills Primary School to experience a lesson in our science labs. The visiting teachers said that they would love to have the facilities at their own school to teach science in a laboratory setting, so they were grateful for this opportunity afforded to their boys and girls.

As our own senior students are taking exams this week, four members of the Science Department, Mr Kelvin Goodall, Mr Al Ronberg, Mr Bernard Potter and Miss Sophie Cunningham, all kindly gave their time to each take on a class of Sunnyhills students with a common aim – for the young visitors to gain their ‘bunsen burner license!’ Much the same as a driving license, there were some important rules to learn before ‘taking to the road’ or, in this instance, igniting the flame.

The initial aim was to teach them safety around a gas source and open flame while learning to identify and name the parts of the equipment. This was followed by the importance of wearing safety goggles when handling chemicals and conducting experiments. Each of the students took it in turns to light the Bunsen burner, regulating the flame before making a series of observations. Splints doused with metal salts – barium, calcium, copper, lithium, potassium and sodium – were held in the flame and the colour of the subsequent flare noted.

The students were all fantastic ambassadors for their school and we hope they enjoyed the visit as much as we enjoyed hosting them!

To gain a Bunsen Burner License

Demonstrate the ability to:

  • Identify and name parts of a Bunsen Burner
  • Set up a Bunsen Burner correctly
  • Adjust the flame appropriately and use the Bunsen Burner safely
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