College Service to Others

March 19, 2014 at 3:18 PM

With thanks to Year 11 student reporter, Olivia Nobbs

The sight of smiling children running towards you from every direction was a contrast to our usual lunch breaks at Saint Kentigern College where piggy back rides and games of ‘Octopus’ are not common.  During a recent lunchtime, our tutor group 11XJN1 were involved in service to others - we travelled to Riverina Primary School  to help out with their lunch break.

For many of us who had been there before, we knew what to expect, but for those who hadn’t they were in for a surprisingly delightful shock. For us, helping involved playing with the children on the playground, teaching them games and trying not to be caught up in the stampede running towards the touch ball!

Even the littlest things, such as simply talking to them and answering their endless array of questions made a huge difference to their day and in turn ours. The trip helped us realise what little things we can do to help and that service isn’t at all as difficult to accomplish as some may think.

When one child is following your actions it doesn’t seem as if you are making an impact but when that one student shows all their friends, and they all start to join in, you realise what an influence you can be.

We were all really enjoyed the experience and many of us can’t wait to go back again and see the familiar, smiling faces! 


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