College Prefects Commissioned for Leadership

February 09, 2024 at 4:04 PM

With excitement and anticipation, the next generation of dynamic leaders has embraced the opportunity to guide and lead the College into 2024. At the Prefects Commissioning on 5 February, fifty-five Year 13s were awarded their Prefect badges and robes in the presence of students, staff, and family. Together, they pledged to lead with excellence, to serve the school with integrity, love, and with the utmost respect for those around them.

Principal Mr Damon Emtage offered his counsel to the incoming cohort of Prefects, emphasising the importance of servant leadership. “This style of leadership focusses on serving others rather than being focussed on personal gain or power. It involves putting the needs and wellbeing of others first and leading by example.” He challenged the Prefects, reminding them of their responsibility to serve the student body and ensure their experience at the school this year is their priority.

The Head Prefects, Katelyn Quay-Chin and Ricky Shen subsequently shared the type of leaders they aspire to be for the students. Katelyn emphasised her intention to “lead from a place of gratitude and giving back to the community of people who have empowered me so much.” Ricky conveyed his objective to “rely on unity… lead by example… and when times get hard, look out for each other.”

There is a real sense of togetherness in this year’s Prefect group. It is evident from the way they interact with each other that there is clear vision, they are intent on outward focus, and are cohesive in their mission. We look forward to the coming months as they begin to forge ahead with new projects and infuse their vision throughout the school.


Head Prefects

Head Boy                     Ricky Shen

Head Girl                     Katelyn Quay-Chin

Deputy Head Boy        Sam McLeod

Deputy Head Girl        Tiana Gray


Bruce House  

Head Boy                     Benjamin Moughan

Head Girl                     Cassandra Cai

Deputy Girl                  Sara Triamchanchoochai

Deputy Boy                 Harry Baik



House Leader              Henry Lang

House Leader              Madeline Ballard

Prefect                         Logan Bellard

Prefect                         Audrey Lee

Prefect                         James Crosbie

Prefect                         Jaime Chandler

Service                        Kyden Chan

Chapel Prefect            Charlie Astwick



House Leader              Freddy Hitchcock

House Leader              Ruby Cutler-Welsh

Prefect                         Charlie Dickinson

Prefect                         Zahra Abeysekera

Prefect                         Isabella Hughes

Prefect                         Oscar Horton

Service                        Indigo Launder-Upton

Academic Prefect        Nicholas McKinlay

Te Amokura Prefect    Jake White



House Leader              Calla Lane

House Leader              Will Ormond

Prefect                         Lata Holi

Prefect                         Hugo Harkness

Prefect                         Harry McNamara

Prefect                         Cilla Fa'afua

Chapel Prefect            Xarya Knox

Arts Prefect                 Patrick Yu



House Leader              Amalani Taiala

House Leader              Anamia Rangihaeata

Prefect                         Imogen Perry

Prefect                         Josh Shortt

Prefect                         Toby McLean

Arts Prefect                 Amelie Carter

Arts Prefect                 Keeley Berkovits

Academic Prefect        Eric Pan



House Leader              Amaan Mohammed

House Leader (BH)      Cassandra Cai

Prefect (BH)                Benjamin Moughan

Prefect                         Sai Prabhu

Prefect                         Mahinarangi Warren

Prefect                         Maggie Robinson

Te Amokura Prefect    Manawa Rogers

Sports Prefect             Emmerson Garrett

Sports Prefect             Coen Anderson



House Leader              Gracie Thomlinson

House Leader              Hame Palelei

Prefect                         Sara Adams

Prefect                         Eilish Johns

Prefect                         VJ Brown

Prefect                         Eva Paton

Prefect                         Indie Nichols


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