College Academic Colours and Honours - Semester 1

August 01, 2014 at 2:27 PM

At a special assembly this week, Academic Colours and Honours were awarded to our highest achieving Senior School students whilst earlier in the week, our top Middle School students received their Academic and Endeavour Awards.

In recognition of our students who strive to achieve at the highest academic levels, Saint Kentigern College awards Academic Colours and Honours twice a year. Those awarded at the beginning of the year are recognised for their achievement in the end of year external examinations. At the completion of Semester 1, the mid-year point; our highest achieving students across all year levels are recognised at the special Academic Colours and Honours assembly. The latter are based on Semester 1 student report results.

The standard set to gain Academic Awards is high and intended to motivate our top academic students to achieve at the highest levels of excellence. The students who are awarded Colours receive a special breast pocket to wear with pride on their blazer.



The table below shows the standards required for Colours or Honours in each of our Senior School year groups who study NCEA .



Academic Colours

Academic Honours

Year 11

Overall GPA of 90+

Overall GPA of 85+

Year 12

Overall GPA of 85+

Overall GPA of 80+

Year 13

Overall GPA of 85+

Overall GPA of 80+

Year 13 NCEA Academic Colours
Katherine Ford, Sarah McQueen, Sian Seeley, Andrew Jackson 

Year 13 NCEA Academic Honours
Hannah Ashby, Ashley Chan, Georgia Foster, Kane Gibbons, Lucy Macdonald, Phoebe Riddell, Filomena Vaimasenuu, Hannah Wood

Year 12 NCEA Academic Colours
Carlos Webster, Joseph Sterritt, Caitlin Dodd, Samuel Broadhead, Ezra Puni, Matthew Swiatek, Anthony Grant, Alana Gillespie, Scott Murray, Andrew  Wei, Joshua Holroyd, Harry Rillstone, Rebecca Lane, Caitlin Houghton, Keegan Chessum, Meheer Zaveri, Jeffrey Chan, Devika Dhir, Daniel Clark, Georgina Alcock, Jessica Allen, Rachel Worthington, Brandon Hoon, Marieke Kruiswijk, Byron Lam 

Year 12 NCEA Academic Honours
Courtney Adams, Thomas Arrell, Jacqueline Chang, Dayna Chung, Emily Cran, Aaron Duncan, Miracle  Faamalosi, Mitchell Farmer, Jonas Fleming, Hayden Giles, Oliver Hadfield, Lauren Hendricksen, Keshini Ketheeswaran, Stephanie Kirkman, Claudia Luke, Finn McGregor, Claudia McVey, Lisa Marshall, Amy Oldham, Harrison Rainger, Isabella Richards, Henry Rowden, Jared Schnell, Zachary Searle, Licheng Sun, Jaiden Walmsley, Annie Wang, Samuel Ward 

Year 11 NCEA Academic Colours
Cameron Low, Emma Westbrooke, Elizabeth Mudford, Haswell Brooke 

Year 11 NCEA Academic Honours
Nicholas Allen, Maximilian Ballard, James Brown, Harriet Carter, Dominic Devlin, Harrison Fleming, Andrew Fu, Douglas Gibson, James Hansen, Nicholas Houghton-Brown, Erik Jorgensen, Spencer Johnstone, Samantha Louie, Joanna Mao, Henry Mellsop, Jason Owens, Anna Patton, Emily Peart, Kevin Reid, Benjamin Rutherford, Kevin Shen, Caitlin Walker, Nicola Williams, John Won, Jerry Yao, Victoria Zhu


The table below shows the standards required for Colours or Honours in each of our Senior School year groups studying for the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Awards


Academic Colours

Academic Honours

Year 12

38+ points

36+ points

Year 13

38+ points

36+ points

Year 13 IB Academic Colours

James Yang, Rachel Smith, David Gwak, Callum Andrews, Amy Wang, Cordelia Oh, Aditya Arolkar, Eden Hawkins, Shuo Yang, Andrew Qi

Year 13 IB Academic Honours
Jessebel Chan, Steven Fu, Adam Jones

Year 12 IB Academic Colours
William Xu, Hanna Thompson, Sean Park, Merry Liu, Daniel Ng 

Year 12 IB Academic Honours
Deborah Cheng, William Ning, Ivan So, Theresa Yeung, Kevin Yi 


The Year 7 to 10 Semester 1 Academic Honours and the Academic Endeavour Awards, given to students who gained an ‘Excellent’ for the Effort and Homework categories in all subjects on their Semester 1 Reports, were presented by the Head of College at the Middle School Assembly on Tuesday 29 July. Our congratulations to these top performing students who have worked hard to achieve their very best.

Academic Honours are awarded to the top 20 students in Year 9 and 10 based on their Semester 1 Grade Point Average (GPA) in their four core subjects. Our congratulations to the following students:


Year 7 First In Class
Olivia Powell, Ella Shirtcliffe, Helen Yu, Samuel Ou, Robbie King, Campbell Jordan, Peter Gin 

Year 8 First In Class
Jaelynne Meleisea, Sarah Peart, Ben Franich, Karl Jorgensen, Jason Hatton, Matthew Jolliffe, 

Year 9 Academic Honours
Noel Argoseputro, Lauren Aspoas, Izzy Bayley, Caleb Boyce, Andrew Chen, Mackensie Cooper, Ben Creemers, Sajith Dhambagolla, Ryan King, Daniel Mar, Fraser McEwen, Akshay Mor, Jaimee Mudford, Joshua Ng, Ebba Olsen, Joshua Pan, Abigail Pool, Sam Scott, Shrey Varma, Amy Waters, Hannah Williams, George Wu, Desmond Young

Year 10 Academic Honours
Kane Cocker, Max Danesh-Clough, Tasma Fulford, Olivia Hofer, Josh Looker, Tate McGregor, Erin Meek, Andrew Meng, Lisa Miyaura, Lauren Pickett, Ashley Potter, Laura Smith, Timothy So, Matthew Stirling, Crystal Sun, David Thibaud, Victoria Tse, Kate Westbrooke, Anna Wilkinson, Patrick Ye


Year 7
Sarah Braid, Elizabeth Lightfoot, Christie Martel, Ella Shirtcliffe

Year 8
Karl Jorgensen, Connor McKenzie, Kate Armstrong, Alice Donald, Tess Elliot, Taylor Hill, Jenny Jiang, Annabel Shepherd, Hannah Soroka, Samatha Watson

Year 9
Hannah Williams

Year 10
David Thibaud, Erin Meek, Joshua Looker, Patrick Ye, Andrew Meng, Antalya Stevens

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